Revealed: A Successful Video Production Business Owner Shares Course That Will Build A Six Figure Per Year Video Production Business In Just 2 Years

Finally! You’ll Be Able to make enough money with a video production business in order to quit a boring job. 


The Top 3 Reasons People Fail to Create a Successful Video Production Company 



Hi, my name's Matt Jacobs. 

I'm a Successful Video Production Business Owner, founder of the Filmmaking Lifestyle website and writer of the Video Business Fast Forward book. 

I've helped over 1,200 people start & grow their own video businesses! My mission is to help over 100,000 people start video production businesses. Releasing a book like this is my way of reaching more people with this life changing information than ever before.

Starting & Growing a Video Business is tough

It’s no secret. Trying to make enough money with a video production business in order to quit a boring job is extremely difficult.  

As you struggle to overcome the issue, you’re often met with headaches and closed doors. Finding a resolution seems impossible.  

You might have tried:  

  • Reading articles which ended up in wasted time as you constantly end up back at square one, still as confused as when you started out. 
  • Invested in various "how-to" courses which only resulted in additional costs with little or no financial return.  
  • Spent ages trawling through magazines looking for ideas and inspiration about how to start a video business, only to come up empty handed.  

It’s really no wonder that most people who try to start a video production business give up.  

What I'm offering is a no-nonsense guide to making your dream of owning and running a video business reality. This is a step-by-step, take you by the hand, guide to starting & growing a video production business.

Introducing Video Business Fast Forward - The Fastest Way To Start & Grow Your Video Production Company:

Video Business Fast Forward  

  • Chapter 1 - Know Exacty What You Need To Get Started
  • Chapter 2 - How To Get Started To Make This Dream A Reality 
  • Chapter 3 - How This Video Business Thing Works
  • Chapter 4 - How To Make All The Cash Monies
  • Chapter 5 - 16 Mindsets For a Crazily Successful Video Business
  • Chapter 6 - The Fast Way To Have Clients Queuing Up ToWork With You 
  • Chapter 7 - Building Your Video Business One Piece At A Time
  • Chapter 8 - How To Get Into The Mind Of Your Clients To Find Out Exacty What They Want
  • Chapter 9 - How To Explain To Anyone Exactly What You Do To Anyone In A Clear Way  
  • Chapter 10 - How To Create Your Ultimate System That Sells Your Services On Auto Pilot 
  • Chapter 11 - How To Close The Sale And Have People Begging To Work With You 
  • Chapter 12 - How To Quadruple Your Productivity With These Workflow Tricks 
  • Chapter 13 - How To Deal With Clients As A Freelancer, So That You Never, Ever, Ever Have A Nightmare Client  
  • Chapter 14 - How To Get Your Values In Line To Maximize Your Success 
  • Chapter 15 - How To Master Your Finances And Flip The Switch On Povety
  •  Chaper 16 - In Conclusion: Go Ot There, Make Money And Be Successful  

Video Business Fast Forward Is Full Of Gems, Here Are Just A Few...

  •  What My Life's Like Now That I Have My Own Video Business... - Page 3
  • ...And How You Can Have This Awesome Lifestyle Of Freedom, Too – Pages 4-5
  • How Exactly You Can Learn From My Years Of Experience, Trials And Tribulations And Reverse Engineered Findings - Page 7
  • How You Can Learn From The DSLR Revolution That's Currently Sweeping Across The Entire World - Page 9
  • How You're Probably Going To Get Asked An Annoying Question By People, And How To Overcome It - Page 9 
  • How Chunking Down Information And Taking Action On That Information Is Key To Your Success - Pages 10-11 
  • How A Simple x+x=y 3 Step Formula Will Help You To Find All The Clients You Need In Your Video Business - Page 12
  • The 4 Step Process For Streamlining Your Video Business Success And Getting Ahead Of The Competition, So That You Can Become The Most Sought After Video Production Expert In Your Area (And Beyond) - Page 14
  • Why We're Not Talking About Your Uncle's Unwieldy 1980's 'Video Camcorder,' And The Camera That's The Answer To All Of Your, "What Camera Do I Need To Get?" Issues - Pages 15-16
  • The 2 Lenses You Want To Get Your Hands On First Before Considering Any Others - Page 17
  • The 6 Pieces Of Gear That Will Have Your Video Business Growing In No Time At All - Pages 16-26
  • The 5 Key Principles That'll Set You On The Right Foot For Your Video Business Journey - Page 29
  • The 5 Main Offerings For Your Video Production Business, So You Can Get Clear On Exactly What You To Offer - Pages 29-30
  • Discover The 4 Steps To Choosing An Ultra Funky Name For Your Business That Will Stick In People's Minds And Have Them Waking Up In The Middle Of The Night Thinking About You - Page 31
  • 4 Steps To Creating A Rock Solid Portfolio To Set Yourself And Your Business Apart - Page 33
  • How To Create An Eye Catching And Captivating Website For Your Video Business That Will Grab Attention From The Get Go - Page 34-35
  • The Video Business Fast Forward 6 Questions To Ask Yourself In Order To Market Your Services For Massive Interest And Return - Pages 36-41
  • How To Price Your Video Production Offerings To Ensure You Maximize Your Chances Of Winning Every Client - Pages 42-44
  • How Exactly Do You Register Your Video Business, And (More To The Point) Do You Even Really Need To Register Your Company And Go Legit? - Pages 44-45
  • An Exclusive Email Sample That You Can Send To Potential Video Production Clients Today - Page 48
  • The 6 Steps To A Stunningly Successful Video Production Business Workflow And Exactly How To Execute It - Page 50
  • The 6 Key Tips To Working With Clients, So That You Can Limit Ever Having To Work With A "Nightmare Client" - Pages 52-55
  • A Special Template That You Can Use Now To Send To Clients And Ask For Testimonials And Referrals - Page 58
  • The 4 Step Method You Can Use To Ensure You Follow Through On All Of Your Goals - Pages 65-66
  • The 80/20 Rule Of Video Business That Explains How The Little Things Affect The Big Things And The Big Things Affect The Little Things - Page 73

…. and that’s only the first 73 pages – this book is chock full of hundreds more “golden nuggets” like this in its gem filled 254 pages!

And thats not all...I'm also offering BONUSES!

Yes, that’s right. Not only do you get the tactic packed video business how-to guide that is Video Business Fast Forward, I’m also offering these awesome bonuses.  

I know that you’ll have questions and need an extra helping hand when setting up your business…and I don’t like to disappoint. 

BONUS 1: The Ultimate Video Business Template Set! ($1097 Value) 

Based on my extensive research one of the biggest issues people have when setting up their video businesses is not knowing what to use when. I’m often asked, “Do you have a contract template?”  

Well, now you can say, “I have a template for that!”  

I’m giving you the mother load of video business templates to give you that helping hand you need and make sure you’re never in a situation where you don’t know what document to use.  

I feel like I should break these day a little more…  

What templates you get:  

Sample Contract Template - so that you know how to structure a project. ($297 Value)

Video Project Proposal Template - so that you have a foot in the door for winning jobs. ($297 Value)

Terms of Service Template - all the legal mumbo jumbo you need to protect yourself. ($197 Value)

Cold Email Templates - get clients with my templates that are proven to work. ($147 Value)

Client Questions Template - these are the questions you need to ask clients to learn what they want from their video project. ($147 Value)

This is the motherlode. And some say it’s worth the price of admission all on its own!  

BONUS 2: The Video Business Fast Forward Workbook! ($297 Value)

With the Video Business Fast Forward Workbook, you can follow along with the tasks and Action Steps throughout the book. 

In the Workbook, I’ve created a plan of attack for you to follow to achieve your video business dreams. A roadmap. 

This is an action takers masterplan. Follow the Workbook, do all the tasks and achieve your goals. 

BONUS 3: My Resource Guide of Apps/Sites/Tools That I Use In My Video Business ($97 Value)

I’m often asked what my favorite apps, websites and tools are. Well, with this guide, I’ve laid out the blueprint of what I use and why. 

This isn’t a standard list. I’ve included the best apps, tools and resources out there. It’s literally a goldmine of knowledge.  

Some Say the Value of This Book Is Priceless—so What’s Fair?  

Originally I was thinking of charging $90 for this course and all the bonuses.

That price was (and still is)…a STEAL.  

No one has this information, anywhere. It has taken me over SIX years to put this book together, and over a DECADE of my experience can instantly be accessed.  

Let’s be real for a second…  

Simply put, what other video business guide out there can you trust to actually deliver and provide results?  

So how does this compare to other guides/courses on the market?  

If you were to even try and find the information and implementation tools in my book elsewhere, you’d need to spend OVER $1,000.00 to purchase multiple courses. 

And it would take you YEARS to bring it all together, filter out the good from the bad, and actually go through the information and figure out what to do with it.

Don't Be Left Behind...

As this graphic from Business Insider shows, video advetising revenue is increasing year on year. More and more companies are understanding that they need quality video to compete in their marketplaces. There's never been a better time to start & grow a video production company, so don't be left behind.

30-Day Statisfaction Guarantee  

Try Video Business Fast Forward for 30 days… RISK-FREE!

What happens if the book just isn't right for you?  

Email support ( any time within 30 days, show you did the work, and we'll send you a refund.  

My goal is to make sure you start your video business the way.  

If it doesn't, then I haven't done my job and I don't want your money.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q Will I have access to the book forever?  

Yes, of course. You'll get a download link to the Book and the Bonuses that you can use forever. When you purchase the book, you buy a lifetime relationship with the book and me, the writer. 

You'll be entitled to lifetime updates, too, as this kind of information needs to be updated from time to time to keep it relevant.

Q Are you the real deal? Will I achieve the results I desire from taking your courses?  

I'm most certainly the real deal. But don't take my word for it - check the testimonials and results people have achieved through working with me. You can find some of these on this very page.

Q How will my training be delivered?  

This book is presented in PDF format. It's perfect for reading on all popular devices such as tablets, phones, iPads, computers, ebook readers and more.  

When you purchase, you'll be given a link to a special members area, where you can download the book and all the awesome bonuses.

Q I've seen other books like this. What makes your book different?  

This isn't going to be like any video business guide or book that you've ever read. I have vast experience doing and teaching this stuff. I explain everything in detail, with humor and entertainment along the way. This isn't just another dry guide!

Q Are my payment details safe and secure?

Yes, most definitely. We use the latest in internet security and payment processors to ensure that your payment information, card details and other personal data is handled securely and efficiently.

Q Is any of this the same as what I can read on your website? 

Yes, some sections of the book are already found on my site, Filmmaking Lifestyle. Many readers wanted a digital of all of my popular guides that they could read on devices anywhere they go. Also, this book contains updated information and whole chapters that can't be found anywhere online.  

Further, the Bonuses, including the templates, have never been made available on Filmmaking Lifestyle.

I really look forward to working with you and watching your video business grow from its current position to being a formidable top-tier player.

All you have to do is follow the course I've laid out, which has been proven by my clients time and time again.

The choice is yours. Do you truly want this? And when?  


Matt Jacobs

P.S. In case you're one of those people (like me) who just skip to the end of the letter, here's the deal:

I'm offering my awesome Video Production Fast Forward Course for a special price of $47. When the offer ends, the price will go up (and it'll stay that way!)